Apollo 11 Mission - NASA at its Best


To Ben and Lunar-L list on Apollo Website today 16 June 2019

Grateful thanks and indeed love from my family and me, and from a tiny great grandchild who will be born in October, for this creativity that is reality.

This is NASA at its old and very best.

Dedication and funding were sustained for so many years despite the many other very great troubles of society, from  those days when President Kennedy created a dream from Camelot.

And Neil and Buzz, and Michael and 400,000 workers of the USA, and US Congress,  made it all happen for all humanity to unite to share the wonders.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the re-creators of this magical experience.

And NOW at last, I can believe that men and women will walk again on the Moon.

And THEN our unborn children will capture their own intensely personal sense of wonder and joy and respectful awe, in their lives also.

And the world will be a better place for those moments of unity again.

Our thanks indeed, from Down Under for this new technological masterpiece.