American astronaut Deke Slayton and Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov during the US-Soviet Apollo-Soyuz linkup - Image courtesy of NASA and Time Magazine.

Partners working with Brian J O’Brien include:

Guy C. Holmes

Special Thanks

Brian O'Brien acknowledges with great pleasure and appreciation the many invaluable roles played by Guy Holmes since early 2007 in Brian's 21st Century activities and research about lunar dust.

As owner of Tape Ark and previously SpectrumData , Guy drove and coordinated care and catalogue of the original 7-track computer tapes of Apollo 11, 12 and 14 sent by NASA Houston to Prof. O'Brien first at the University of Sydney then as foundation Chairman of the Environmental Protection Authority of WA in Perth.

Guy drove the initiatives leading to reading of the tapes again in 2012. In addition to his technical expertise and team leadership first in SpectrumData and now in Tape Ark, Guy's enthusiasms have been of immense personal help for 12 years towards counterbalancing the largely negative or indifferent responses promoted elsewhere. Currently, the creation and sustenance of this website are in large part results of Guy's generosity and skills, and his warm friendship much welcomed by Brian and his family.

About Guy

Guy Holmes has chased his passions wherever they led. In some cases, his passion led him to starting a company that imported wine accessories, and in another he founded a leading global data management company.

Truth be told, after starting five companies, from scratch, in various industry segments, it should be no secret why Guy is bald. On the personal side, Guy has also chased his passions. The net result of that being five children, a wife of 29 years, summiting various mountains, running marathons, and being a member of an expedition to the North Pole.

In most of Guy’s business ventures, magnetic tape storage was a key component to the business he was creating, and he spent a lot of time professing the merits of tape storage as the long-term storage medium of choice. However, late one night in 2015, after 19 years, and having read over 5 million tapes, this all changed for Guy when he made a profound discovery. That discovery led Guy to found Tape Ark – a company driven to eliminate historical tape archives from the planet.

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The primary focus at Tape Ark is providing solutions to the long-standing problem of accessing tape based data held in offsite tape vaults. Tape Ark is proud to be associated with Prof. Brian J O’Brien.